Black Magick #2 by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott (2015) – Comic Review

imageImage’s Black Magick #1 was a well-executed start to this supernatural series, and I think we’re getting a solid follow-up with issue #2. Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott have delivered a perfect example of a comic that doesn’t need a tonne of action, but has style and good writing to spare. In fact, there was little action at all in this second issue, but the story was compelling enough for me not to notice. Don’t let that worry you; something big is brewing in Black Magick. I can feel it.

Rucka is doing a hell of a job writing a very cinematic comic. This second issue builds upon the first issue’s threads without wandering off track. Our protagonist, Rowan Black, is certainly developed more, and that has a lot to do with artist Nicola Scott’s excellent job at rendering convincing concern and worry in Rowan’s eyes. “Roe” is troubled by the immolation incident in issue #1 – maybe not the incident itself, but the revelations that came with it – and hints at a troubled past are being slowly revealed. It’s pretty clear that we’re dealing with some returning threat, and Rowan doesn’t seem too excited to see it bubbling up again.

Regarding genre, Black Magick is basically a supernatural sleuth story in a similar vein to works like Mike Mignola’s Joe Golem and DC’s Constantine , but more so like NBC’s Grimm. It’s the idea of a double-detective, one who’s out there busting criminals, but also protecting the public from monstrous threats they don’t know exist. The detective angle gives the character not only the means of solving the case, but a convenient way of battling wildly supernatural circumstances under the guise of normal, totally legal police work. Of course, the struggle for Rowan is walking that line, containing the supernatural while staying out of the spotlight herself. She wouldn’t want someone getting curious and discover what she’s been doing in the woods at night.

Black Magick is one of those rare comics that’s genuinely got me hooked. Rucka and Scott aren’t just delivering a shallow experience here; Black Magick is concocting something deeper. I’m expecting more reveals in the next issue, maybe some insights into Rowan’s past or info about the looming threat. Also, for a comic about a witch, there has only been a wee bit of magic, so more magic please.

Cody Maynard

Cody Maynard

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Cody Maynard