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  • Pick Me Up (Masters of Horror S01E11)

    Pick Me Up (Masters of Horror S01E11)

    It’s psycho serial killer versus psycho serial killer in this thoroughly enjoyable episode of Masters of Horror. ‘Pick Me Up opens with a bus broken down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. One passenger, Stacia (Fairuza Balk – remember The Craft?), decides to walk to the nearest bit of civilisation while two others decide to catch a ride with a friendly truck driver, Jim Wheeler (Michael Moriarty) who happens on by.

  • Sick Girl (Masters of Horror S01E10)

    Sick Girl (Masters of Horror S01E10)

    When curious and quirky entomologist, Ida Teeter (Angela Bettis) gets dumped again because of her pet insects, she thinks her chances of ever finding love are dashed forever. It’s the bugs or the babes, says her fellow entomologist, Max Grubb (Jesse Hlubik) and Ida is beginning to think he’s right.

  • The Fair Haired Child (Masters of Horror S01E09)

    The Fair Haired Child (Masters of Horror S01E09)

    When you’re dealing with horror movies, even short ones like the Masters of Horror, there’s a strong tendency for anything occult related to head straight for the cheese factor, often by way of lame cliché. When ‘The Fair Hair Child’ opened on demonic looking rituals involving all of the requisite candles, graves and pentagrams, I prepared for cheese. Fortunately though the episode was all about a deal with the devil (or demon thing), ‘The Fair Hair Child’ turned out to be an entertaining and well played out story.

  • Deer Woman (Masters of Horror S01E07)

    Deer Woman (Masters of Horror S01E07)

    After the bad taste left by ‘Homecoming’, it was good to get back to some top-notch storytelling in the curious and humorous plot of ‘Deer Woman’. Dwight Faraday is a burnt out detective, recovering from a tragic past and assigned to the apparently easy job of investigating animal related incidents. It’s a mind numbingly boring position for Faraday until he gets called out to a crime scene where a body has been left practically minced…

  • Homecoming (Masters of Horror S01E06)

    Homecoming (Masters of Horror S01E06)

    It’s election season in Washington and political consultant David Murch makes a statement, that is later regurgitated by the president, that he wishes all fallen veterans could come back from the dead and tell the world what it meant to them to die for the war effort. And that’s what happens. But instead of ‘Homecoming’ being a potentially cool zombie flick, directed by one the greatest directors of 1980s comedy/horror, it’s a lame political soapbox that falls flat, flails around, and falls again. And again.

  • Chocolate (Masters of Horror S01E05)

    Chocolate (Masters of Horror S01E05)

    ‘Chocolate’ is the tale of, Jamie (Henry Thomas – the kid from E.T) a food scientist who suddenly starts to experience the senses of a mysterious woman – everything she sees, hears, tastes and feels. And this includes her having sex, and her murdering her lover. The story is told as a flashback form as a blood soaked Jamie is being interrogated for a murder and we follow Jamie’s weird experiences waiting to see how the two are connected.

  • Jenifer (Masters of Horror S01E04)

    Jenifer (Masters of Horror S01E04)

    ‘Jenifer’ is in every way a perfect and pure horror story. We’re not only dealing here with a simply horrifying tale and some perfectly grotesque imagery, the story itself, its simplicity, development and resolution is perfect.