Cyanide and Happiness – Comic Review

2000px-Cyanide_and_hapiness.svgCyanide and Happiness
Creators: Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Matt Melvin and Dave McElfatrick
Updates: Daily

Cyanide and Happiness is one of the most well-known and popular webcomics on the net and with good reason. It is very funny and highly prolific. On a side note it is also highly crude, crass and sometimes downright offensive so it’s certainly not for everyone.

Each day without fail Rob, Kris, Matt and Dave deliver their brand of immature humour in a standalone strip of three to four panels. Although there are some recurring characters, namely the purple shirted eye stabber, there really isn’t any continuity tying the strips together. Humour can be about anything from puns (this comic certainly has a soft spot for them) to religion and quite commonly sexual innuendo. So if you find this kind of thing offensive you should steer clear.

Art wise, each of the four creators has their own style but essentially they all draw glorified stick figures. That said, the art certainly has gone a long way since comic number one and it now has an elegant simplicity to it.

Cyanide and Happiness in consistently funny and easily worth checking on a daily basis.

Favourite strip: Bros

Christof Bogacs

Christof Bogacs is a full time communications student at the University of Technology Sydney as well as a freelance writer. He currently writes reviews for Pop Cultured, Kapow comic book show as well as for his own blog Barely Original. Christof is also writing his own indie comic that may possibly even see the light of day in the distant future. You can follow Christof at his blog-