Dixit Game – Review

Dixit Game – ReviewSurreal, quirky and beautiful illustrations, stories and bunnies. If this sounds good to you grab a set of Dixit cards and and get a Dixit game going.

Dixit is a card game which revolves around storytelling and captivatingly illustrated cards, best played with 4-6 players.  The first time I sat down to play this game and read the rules I was intrigued and also apprehensive, it does not read like an action packed exciting game, and well… it’s not, but that is why it is so good!

The Dixit game breaks the mould of usual gaming, there is no fierce burning competition, while there is still scoring and a winner, that is secondary.  There is a sense of exploration and wonder, as well as bucket loads of imagination; this makes Dixit cards one of the better family board games I have played in the last 12 months.

Here’s a rundown of the game play:

Each player gets 6 cards, all illustrated with a different surreal image.  In a turn one player is the storyteller, this changes each turn, this player must choose one of their cards and tell a story, do an action or make a sound that best describes what they are seeing on the card.  The key is they cannot be too literal, or they will not get points.

The other players must then select a card from their own hand which best represents the story told, all cards are collected shuffled and laid out for the players (except the storyteller) to vote on which card best matches the story.

Here is the catch in a Dixit game, if everyone picks the storyteller’s card, the storyteller gets not points and everyone else gets points.  The same occurs if nobody picks the storyteller’s card.  So you want at least one person to pick your card, as the storyteller, but not all of them.  It is a very fine line one treads when telling the story.  Too literal everyone guesses it and you lose, too abstract nobody gets it and you lose.  The other catch is all non-story telling players whose cards get picked also get points so you want to lay down cards which best represent the story so you can try to get more points.  It is simplistic in its complexity, and is actually quite engaging.

While playing the game and engrossed in either the storytelling or the guessing you do loose the idea that you are actually competing and both imagination and fun take over.  Scores are still tabled at the end of each turn, but they really do tend to become secondary to the actual game play.  I have played this game many times and my whole family enjoys it.  My 7 year old son rarely uses stories, but always manages to find actions which represent, somewhat, his cards.  It did take a few practice rounds to get him into it, but now he is a pro.  The after play discussion each round is also fantastic as players identify their cards, talk about why they thought it fit the story, or the storyteller tells why he or she said what they said.  The game is just really fun and light hearted and really brings people together.

One thing that makes this game so amazing is the Dixit cards themselves.  Large brightly coloured illustrations adorn each card.  Illustrations ranging from the bizarre to the absolute ridiculous.  All clearly designed to tickle the imagination, and each opening the mind to many stories.  The same cards are used in every game and they have yet to become stale, tired or repetitive.  I am sure in time they may, but Dixit 2 has been released with 84 new cards, so the game play can go on, and on.

The Dixit game has won a heap of awards, including, the 2009 Golden Ace, French Game of the Year Winner, 2009 Juego del Año, Spanish Game of the Year, 2009 Les 3 Lys, General Audience Winner, 2009 Games 100, Best Party Games, 2009 Tric Trac de Bronze Winner, 2009 AbreOJogo Gateway Game of the Year, 2009 Premio del Público al Juego del Festival Córdoba (Audience Award), 2009 Joker 2009 catégorie “familles” and 2010 Spiel des Jahres, German Game of the Year.

What all of this means is that it is a great family game with lots of fun.

Fun:                                       9.5

Ease of Play:                       9

Variation:                            7

Expansion:                          8

Total:                                     33.5/40


Adam Hennessy

Adam Hennessy

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