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You & Pop Cultured
Pop Cultured promotes an open forum for discussion and we welcome and encourage you to promote your comments and opinions, relevant to our content.  Any anti-social behaviour in comments of any form, including extensions on our Facebook, Twitter and Google + and any other social networking platform will result in a permanent ban.  We won’t play with you, and you’ll miss out on the fun.

Your email address and details are safe with us. Pop Cultured will never give away (or sell) your personal details to anyone. Ever.

Reviews, Independent Publishing

Pop Cultured promotes independent publishing and release. We will review and feature independently published materials.  For more on that see the Review Policy. We’ll review other stuff too.

As part of our commitment to independent publishing, Pop Cultured has an open submission policy. All of our submissions are the independent work, views and opinions of their respective authors.

Who Writes What

These are the Pop Cultured contributors.

Occasionally an author might choose to publish without a byline for various reasons. Should you like to voice an issue to the author with anything published as such, please use the contact form.

Anything administrative was written by Kate Krake. Including what you’re reading now. Anything published under the title “admin” is Kate too.

The Pop Cultured contributors are not currently paid for their work.

Please help us promote our work by sharing a link to anything you like with all of your friends on whatever Social Network you play with. Links back to Pop Cultured result in really great, sexy karma coming back to you.

All content on Pop Cultured is protected under copyright.  Articles may not be reproduced in whole without permission. If you would like to reproduce anything you read here please contact us.

You may quote part of a Pop Cultured article only if appropriate referencing is used, and a link back to the original post on the site is made clear.

We participate in a number of advertising programs including affiliate advertising. Pop Cultured endorses all of our affiliate companies as either fans, users or we give our general thumbs up. We won’t knowingly advertise anything socially, ethically or in any way offensive. Some ads here are generated automatically. If a nasty ad gets through, please let us know and we’ll take appropriate action.

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