Pop Cultured is currently accepting submissions for our Reviews, Features and Top 5s sections. We also have opportunities for writers interested in putting together their own columns.

Standard Reviews
Reviews can be of films, television programs, books, comics, music – either new or old. Reviews are expected to be written in a casual, yet intelligent style.  Reviews should be between 350 – 1500 words.

Feature articles are like casual essays.  Features can be written about films, albums or musicians, television programs, books, comics either new or old, or they can be written about anything culturally appropriate for these categories.  Topics can either be broad or very focused.  It’s fine to include some amount of review style opinion in your feature articles, however the bulk of the writing should be more of a meaty analytical discussion of the chosen topic.

Feature articles should be between 700 – 3000 words.  Enquires about writing longer or shorter pieces can be made via email.

Top 5s
In our Top 5s section, 5 examples of whatever topic are discussed briefly. These don’t necessarily need to represent the best (or the worst) 5 of anything, but should provide a good survey of the chosen topic.  Top 5 articles should include an introduction to the topic, usually 50-200 words, with a brief 100-200 word rundown for each of your 5 examples.  You can also include a justification on why you chose your particular 5. Please be sure to have a look through our existing Top 5s so you know the kind of article we’re looking for here.

Regular Columns
Have an idea for a continued run column on any aspect of pop culture? Tell us your ideas and we’ll see what we can work out (note – we’re pretty good at working stuff out).

Writing Style
Pop Cultured leans towards more a formal style of writing without being too rigid. Think “smart casual”. Some amount of academic style writing is acceptable for all sections, however please ensure your article would able to be clearly understood by our readers – intelligent people, who may or may not have specialist academic knowledge in popular culture.

How to Submit

If you would like to submit to Pop Cultured, please send your submission and a little bit about yourself in an email to  Please ensure you include the word SUBMISSION in the subject line of your email and also indicate which section of the site you’re writing for. eg – SUBMISSION for Top 5s; SUBMISSION for Feature Articles; SUBMISSION for album review. You get the idea.

Please do not send pitches unless you’re pitching a column.

Attach your article as a Word document or copy your article into the body of your email

At this stage, Pop Cultured cannot pay you any money for your articles.  Your name and bio will be published on the site (if you want it to be), and full ownership rights will belong to the author.

If you would like anymore information, please CONTACT US