Zombie Roomie by John Wigger – Comic Review

Zombie Roomie
Creator: John WiggerUpdates: Weekdays

Zombie Roomie follows the adventures of the twenty-something year old John and his roommate George. George is your average slacker who enjoys playing video games, reading comics and watching TV…oh and he just happens to be undead. The comic is an ongoing zombie comedy and drama that draws inspiration from Goth culture, geek culture and ‘bromance’ movies all coated in a delightful shell of black humour.

zombie roomie review

Zombie Roomie also boasts some of the best art I have ever seen in an online comic. Each strip is in full colour with highly detailed backgrounds and characters that look like their straight out of an animated series. Complemented by this art is spot on lettering and speech bubbles, an often over looked yet critical element of any comic.

The comic is released each weekday usually as a 3 panel strip that tells part of a larger story arc, usually composed of 20 or so strips so usually it pays to wait a couple of weeks to read an arc in its entirety. That said, each 3 panel strip usually ends in a punch line or big reveal so there is some joy to be had in reading Zombie Roomie on a daily basis.

Favourite Strip: Cosplay

Christof Bogacs

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